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    The NEAT Glass is redefining how best to appreciate whiskies and spirits. By eliminating unwanted alcohol burn, the NEAT Glass is the only glass that separates ethanol from essences and showcases the full complexity of your drink. As the official glass for numerous renowned spirit competitions, it's the trusted choice for true whisky and spirit appreciation.


    Don't let your glass be an afterthought.


    Taste the truth, banish the burn, sip, savour and discover what's really hiding inside your whisky or spirit with The NEAT Glass.

  • Inventor

    Professional Whisky Glass

    George Manska

    The NEAT Glass was invented by George Manska inspired by the supremely talented glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, whose work has been exhibited throughout the world.


    In learning how to blow glass, one of George's initial attempts did not turn out as hoped. George was intrigued though by its style, and sampled some of his favourite whisky with it. The fuller expression and more intense flavour that this glass delivered was enhanced further with the elimination of alcohol burn.


    George knew this glass was extraordinary, but he wasn't sure why, so he took it upon himself to understand how the glass worked. In conjunction with The University of Nevada they found that the glass' curved figure was key and imperative to this new expression of aroma. Over fifty two different design iterations, hundreds of tastings and GCMS studies led to the NEAT Glass we have today. NEAT has grown in scale and is one of the most respected whiskey and spirit tasting glasses in the industry.

  • The Company

    European Distributors...

    NEAT Glass distributors

    Beaumont PPS

    Promotional Creativity

    For over 50 years Beaumont PPS Ltd have specialised in supplying and developing creative promotional and point of sale merchandise for the drinks industry. Our internationally-regarded reputation has allowed us to forge close relationships with a wide variety of clients, as well as skilled and artisan suppliers.


    As the official distributors for The NEAT Glass in the UK and Europe, Beaumont PPS Ltd are proud to present the ultimate whisky glass in design, enjoyment and experience. Through the NEAT Glass' innovative design and craft, we aim to replicate the success that it has found in America, and bring The NEAT Glass back to the home of whisky. Every day we build relationships with potential suppliers, whisky experts, bloggers and events teams. If The NEAT Glass catches your eye, or if you have any questions, send our team an email at info@theneatglass.uk.



    • How It Works

      The Science...

      Around 90% of what is perceived as taste is actually smell, so why let alcohol burn disrupt true appreciation of our whiskies and spirits? Alcohol burn always gets in the way, masking not only pleasant aromas but some of the most important.


      Using Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT), the neck of our glass intensifies the aromas of your whisky, gin, rum, cognac or any other spirits whilst the flares spread the alcohol molecules, separating essences from ethanol.


      Giving you, what we call, the ‘sweet spot’ where you can nose without the astringency of alcohol burn.


      Not only that, the flares also provide a more thorough tasting experience by pouring the liquid all over your palate – as opposed to only in the centre of your taste buds like other conventional glassware.

      HOW TO USE


      1. Fill your NEAT Glass to the maximum bowl diameter.
      2. Choose whether to add water (In your first evaluation we recommend not adding water, however this is at your discretion).
      3. Hold glass level, at neck to prevent over-warming and under bowl to warm.
      4. Do not insert nose below the neck portion where alcohol is concentrated.
      5. Keep glass level, swirl and nose over the ‘sweet spot’ in the centre just above the rim.
      6. Taste. (The flared rim will flow your whisky, gin, rum, cognac or any other spirit across your entire palate).
      7. Have fun with it! Experiment with nose position and with different whiskies.

      N.B. Lighter aromas are detected closer to the rim. If you would like nasal alcohol place your nose closer to the neck or at the rim

    • Awards

      The Neat  Ultimate Whiskey Glass Awards

      2015, 2016 & 2017 IRISH WHISKEY AWARDS


      2014 & 2015 SIP Awards International Spirits Competition

      2014 San Diego International Spirits Competition

      2013 New York World Spirits Competition

      2015 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

      2012-2013 Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival

      Craft Spirits Awards International





    • Making the NEAT Glass

      Take a look and enjoy!

      Manufacturing our new CRYSTAL NEAT Glass in Slovakia...

    • What They Say

      That's NEAT!

      Whisky Gifts

      Tony Abou-Ganim

      The Modern Mixologist

      "The NEAT glass captures the essence of virtually every spirit. It dumbs down the alcohol so you pick up subtleties in spirits like vodka, and softens high alcohol, barrel strength spirits so you can get at the nuances of the distillation"

      Scotch Glass

      Anthony Dias Blue

      Tasting Panel Magazine

      "the most revolutionary glass I’ve ever used. It’s called The NEAT Glass. This amazing, patented vessel is unquestionably the best spirits glass ever invented. In exhaustive comparative tastings we have determined that the NEAT Glass is the only spirits glass that eliminates the alcohol burn that dominates the tasting experience of all other spirits glasses.


      As a result of this research, The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the largest and most prestigious in the country, has adopted the NEAT Glass as the official tasting glass for the competition for the 4th consecutive year."


      Whisky Glasses

      Warren Bobrow

      Author, The Cocktail Whisperer

      "The NEAT Glass allows me to taste the purity in my spirits, not the alcoholic burn. I use them along with the more traditional thistle glasses to give a point/counterpoint to flavor"​

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      Product Details:
      Packaged: Provided in a p resentation box
      Product Dimensions: 3.16î dia x 2.7î tall
      Product Weight: 161 gm, 5.7oz
      Material: Sodalime glass, Arc formulation
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